Our partners

We are convinced that collaboration with excellent partners maximizes the success of our clients. Therefore we partner with organizations with similar life science ethics and experience

Integrated Clinical Trial Platform

Circuition represents SyMetric in the European region with Project delivery and business development.

SyMetric develops and markets an IT platform with IRT, EDC, ePRO and eCOA functionality.

Their product brings the traditional functionality of these systems, but wrapped in cutting edge technology with seamless integration between these functions. However, it still has the option to use only part of them.

SyMetric excels in decentralized trials, SAP integration and GS1 for clinical trials interface standardization.

Our relationship started in 2022.

Business & Technology Consultancy for Life Sciences

Tenthpin is our trusted partner for SAP related projects

Tenthpin’s focus and track record is on life sciences. This in combination with strong work ethics, the flexibility of a boutique and the reach of global consultancy warrants quality and speed in your projects.

Our relationship started in 2010.