Our mission

We provide Professional Services for the life science industry, with the objective to design, develop, validate, implement, deploy or operate solutions for the benefit of our clients.

We aim to exceed your expectations!
This we will accomplish by Starting with a deep knowledge of your business.
Listening very careful to you and visibly work hard on your assignment

From our management

In 2015, I founded the Consulting company CIRCUITION.

I wanted to tailor consulting to customer needs,
NOT tailor the customer needs to what I have to offer!
For that we:

Are conscious about where the client organization is.
E.g. differentiate between large pharma and small biotech
or between commercial scale vs development scale

Work with other seasoned partners rather than with juniors only

Keep our competence at the far front of trends and new developments,
by leading communities like CSForum and CTSM consortium

I am continuously proud about clients feeding back that we exceed expectations!

Hans Heesakkers

What clients say

At Circuition we don’t take your trust for granted but do need some
“start trust” to initiate our assignment in your organization.
Therefore we proudly share the feedback from our clients:

This is really excellent – wish we had you as part of the team from day 1 on!

2020 - VP Solution Manager - SAP Life Sciences

Furthermore he contributed significantly to the development of the ISPE Operating Model for Pharma 4.0, describing Enablers and Elements for Pharma 4.0 application in industry, at manufacturers and key technology providers.

2020 - VP Operations - International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers

Great Article! Can I use it for training purposes in the Academy’s post-graduate and university courses?

2020 - Senior Director - Parexel

I am writing to let you know that your article, “Pharma 4.0: Hype or Reality?”, published in July-August 2018 Pharmaceutical Engineering, has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 Roger F. Sherwood Article of the Year Award

2019 - Senior Director, Editorial - Pharmaceutical Engineering

By the quality and level of your intervention, you contributed to the great success of the 30th A3P International Congress in Biarritz. On behalf of the Board of Directors of the A3P Association and the entire A3P Services team, we would like to express our gratitude for your collaboration in this event.

2018 - President - A3P Services

Whatever you told me that day brought back strength in me. Although I returned to cold cold Berlin and the empty office I had so much reassurance that you were there in the same team and therefore it no longer felt hostile.

2017 - Manager - Accenture

- I really enjoyed my stay here in Belgium and It’s been a great pleasure working with you and hope the journey continues.
- Hi Hans, It was an awesome experience working with you. Wish I’ll get the chance to work with you again some day.

2016 - Two Managers - Laurus Infosystems

We nominate you as business partner of the year for being an awesome JIT Project Lead

2016 - Bridges Associate - Janssen Pharmaceuticals

It’s been a wonderful 2016 and thank you again for all your support and guidance.
Your training was superb and your vision amazing! .

2016 - Senior Manager - Janssen Pharmaceuticals

It was a real pleasure working with you, and I have remembered the observations and your views many times, especially in LT meetings. I hope we can at some point meet and possibly work again . You are a skilled professional, who is a very valuable collaborator to us.

2016 - Vice President - Bayer

Conducting conversations and managing a project with Hans is effortless. He is clear and consisive in his communications without being offensive.

2015 - Senior Manager - Roche

….where we need to basically rock and roll and therefore the need for rockstars like you?

2015 - Managing Director - Accenture

Hans Heesakkers excels in rendering his extensive pharma business acumen into solutions that matter for our clients.

2015 - Germany CEO - Accenture

I can easily say that you are one of the best project managers it was ever my experience to work with, so I'm sure you will be very successful. Any opportunities for future cooperation would be welcome...

2015 - President - ER Squared

Hans maintained an excellent overview of all aspects of our very complex project. He was willing to roll up his sleeves and pitch in to deal with areas that required attention, while also facilitating discussions among team members, all the while ensuring overall project success. I personally learned a tremendous amount from him and would be thrilled to work with him in the future

2014 - Senior Manager - Bayer

It was a pleasure to see you last week. You have greater ability to see innovation in our area than whole companies!

2013 - Senior Director - Catalent

It was nice to go through the processes with you: your expertise allowed you to walk us through the various processes effortlessly, always keeping the discussion to the point and very productive.

2013 - Senior Director - UCB

I really liked your clarity of thought on what you wanted and the fact that you were so organized and had a tight control on the project – is definitely something for me to learn from. Not to mention the utilities you so painstakingly created to track various things efficiently – I have been calling (in a lighter vein) it the “Hans Delivery Methods” 😉

2013 - Senior Manager - Accenture

Hans’ comments are very kind, but much too generous. We certainly would not have reached this point without his strong PM contributions, and I am very glad that he joined our team.

2012 - Senior Manager - Bayer

This is – to a really big portion – your success ! Appreciate your support and commitment a great deal !

2013 - Managing Director - Accenture

Your knowledge of the business and of SAP was of great help and insight for us. I appreciate your willingness to sit with me and go over the process no matter how many times I needed you to repeat something.

2011 - Senior Manager - Novartis

You are a big thinker that is able to see more than the immediate focus and work toward a better way.

2010 - Senior Manager - AbbVie

It was a truly a pleasure to work with you. We went through some challenging times with the upgrade project and brought many improvements to the working relationship between our two companies.​

2010 - Director - AbbVie

I want to compliment you on your efficiency and skills: so far you have been the most efficient project manager I have worked with 🙂

2010 - Manager - Lodestone

Hans has superb project management skills and can equally lead both internal and external projects. He has managed challenging client implementations and has won trust and admiration at all levels of the client. He has taken wayward projects and put them back on track.

2010 - Senior Manager - Aptuit

Thanks to your recognition (you are in my opinion an extraordinary personality), I feel empowered to take up greater challenges in my career and personal live

2005 - Manager - Schering AG

Under your leadership a transparent and firm basis has been established which enables sound further development of Clinical Data Sciences

2005 - Senior Director - Schering AG

Mr. Heesakkers has wide and comprehensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry field and at the same time in the performance of IT projects. He is an ideal partner for managing such IT projects in the highly regulated world of Clinical Trial Supplies​

2004 - Senior Director - Schering AG

Mr. Heesakkers was employed as Lead Business Consultant to implement a cross-functional infrastructure and process for Global Clinical Systems group.

2003 - Senior Director - Schering AG